Homemade Dog and Cat Food Jacksonville Fl.

The Pooch Pantry Foods Story

In 2015 I became a new pet parent and fell in love with my Olde English Bulldogge, Spencer. Spencer is very loved and treated just like he’s my kid. I wanted nothing but the best for him so from day one I purchased very expensive dry dog foods but quickly realized he would only eat it for a few weeks then just stop eating. 

After speaking with the vet and trying different types of dry dog foods, I realized I need to try something totally different. After some intense research, I discovered other pet parents that were cooking meals for their dogs.

Dog Food Jacksonville Fl

Once I started cooking for Spencer I no longer had issues feeding him. He has been on home cooked foods for over three years now and absolutely loves it! Now that I have control of what goes in his food, I ensure all of the food ingredients used are natural, nutritional and certified for human consumption by the USDA.

Some of the benefits I have noticed from using whole food ingredients in Spencer’s food are a shinier, softer coat, increased energy and the tear stains on his face have gone away. After seeing these benefits, I was hooked on home cooked meals for Spencer. I also realized that most pet parents don’t have time to cook nutritionally balanced meals specifically formulated for their furry kids. So I set out to create a company that would produce all-natural fresh cooked meals for dogs that would ensure pet parents have an option to provide their furry kids with the proper nutrition that is unfortunately lacking from many commercial dog foods.

Cooking homemade meals for Spencer was the beginning of our journey to Pooch Pantry Foods. The first meal we started cooking for Spencer was Chicken so we named it Spencer’s Chicken & Rice. The other meals are named after each of Spencer’s special friends (Brody, Ben and Otis) who were also instrumental in the development of our meals and treats.

Complete and Balanced
All our meals were specifically formulated for dogs of all life stages by a board certified vet nutritionist to ensure their meals are nutritionally balanced according to AAFCO standards.
Whole Food Ingredients

A whole food diet consists of many advantages for your dog such as a shinier, softer coat, supports digestion and absorption of nutrients, helps to strengthen the immune system and supports a long and healthy life.

Produced With Care

At PoochPantry Foods, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality foods for your best furry friends. We take great pride in providing excellent customer service to our clients and their pooch.