Are Pooch Pantry Foods meals right for my dog?
Yes! Pooch Pantry Foods meals were formulated with whole foods for dogs of all ages and weight ranges (puppies, nursing mothers and adult dogs). Feeding your dog a restaurant quality nutritionally balanced meal is one of the best things that you, as a pet parent, can do to keep your dog healthy and happy. Refer to our feeding charts for the recommended daily feeding amount for your dog’s weight.
What does “Formulated for dogs of all life stages” mean?
Formulated for all life stages means that dog food nutrient profiles meet the AAFCO standards for both Growth and reproduction and Adult maintenance. Pooch Pantry Foods meals are formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles for all life stages.
How much do I feed my dog?
Each meal has a feeding chart associated with it which details the amount of food to feed your dog each day. You can reference these feeding charts on our Products page, then select meal of your choice. The amount of food to feed your dog each day listed in the feeding chart should be used only as a guide, as every dog has their own activity level.
How do I serve the food to my dog?
Thaw Food in the refrigerator prior to serving. Food may be slightly warmed before feeding or served cold. If you choose to heat the food, mix after heating to ensure no hot areas remain.
Do I need to transition my dog to the Pooch Pantry Foods meals?
Yes, the following transition chart can be used as a guide.
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~ Dog Food Transition Guide ~

Days 1-3 Days 4-6 Days 7-9 Days 10
Prior Dog Food 75% 50% 25% 0%
Pooch Pantry Foods Dog Meals 25% 50% 75% 100%

Pooch Pantry Foods
VS Commercial Wet & Dry Dog Food

Pooch Pantry Foods Dog Meals & Treats Commercial & Industrial Dog Food
Made with fresh human grade/restaurant quality proteins, vegetables and fruits.
All proteins used in our meals and treats are USDA certified.
Only human grade ingredients.
Consist of Feed grade ingredients and by-products, heads, feet, bones, feathers, blood, intestines, organs, fat scraps are used in commercial pet food and animal feed.
Can include expired meats, diseased, disabled and dead cattle.
Meals and Treats are made fresh in our Pooch Pantry Foods dog kitchen with NO unhealthy preservatives or chemicals. The freezer is our only preservative!
Pooch Pantry Foods lists all ingredients used in the preparation of meals and treats.
No preservatives or hidden ingredients are added into our foods. We want pet parents to know exactly what their furry kids are eating.
Commercial pet food can include the following:
Emulsifiers to bind fat and water
Synthetic antioxidants to keep fat from turning rancid
Artificial flavors and colors to improve appearance
Toxic preservatives propylene glycol, BHA, BHT and ethoxyquin to extend shelf life
Pelleting agents and binders
Grinding, drying and curing agents
Petroleum derivatives and texturizers
Seasonings, spices and sweeteners to improve taste
Minimum cooking temperatures to preserve nutrients.
Pooch Pantry Foods meals and treats are cooked to the FDAs minimum required temperatures to remove bacteria in the food.
Pooch Pantry Foods meals are never overcooked.
We ensure our foods provide the essential nutrients needed for your furry kid.
In commercial pet food, the ingredients are rendered. Rendering is the process where various ingredients are emptied into a large vat and boiled for several hours.
These high temperatures can damage protein and destroy natural enzymes. Denatured proteins from high processing temperatures can lead to food allergies, intolerances and inflammatory bowel disease.
What is AAFCO?
AAFCO is an acronym for the Association of American Feed Control Officials. AAFCO is a non-profit organization that sets standards for both animal feeds and pet foods in the United States.
What are AAFCO dog food nutrient profiles?
In order for dog food to be marketed as complete and balanced, the dog food laboratory analysis results must meet the nutritional standards established by AAFCO.
Can Pooch Pantry Foods meals be used as a topper to dry kibble?
Yes, you can mix our meals with dry kibble to make your dog’s meals more enjoyable.
Do I need to ask my vet about switching my dog’s food to Pooch Pantry Foods meals?
Yes! Please inform your veterinarian that our meals were formulated by a board certified veterinary nutritionists. Also please provide your vet with our brochure or the following information:
  • Pooch Pantry Food’s meals and treats are prepared using fresh human grade ingredients specifically formulated for dogs.
  • Our freshly cooked meals contain only USDA certified meats and restaurant quality fruits and vegetables
  • All dog meals are made fresh to order in our Northeast Florida Dog Kitchen
  • Our meals are free of all chemicals or preservatives, artificial coloring or flavorings.
I already cook whole foods for my dog now. Why should I buy Pooch Pantry Foods meals?
Research shows that 89 – 93% of home prepared diets used for cats and dogs were not complete and balanced for adult maintenance. The home prepared diets were mainly deficient in protein or amino acids and vitamins and minerals. You can still cook for you dog but we recommend you using our Cook-IT-Yourself Complete Nutrition Pack to ensure your furry kids are receiving a nutritionally complete and balanced meal. The Complete Nutrition Pack contains the Spencer’s Chicken & Rice recipe, vitamin/mineral blend and essential oils. More information about the Cook-IT-Yourself Complete Nutrition Pack can be found on the, Our Products, page.
Does Pooch Pantry Foods Deliver?

Yes we deliver to the following counties: Duval, Nassau and Beaches (St. Johns county deliveries coming soon). Delivery prices can be determined at time of checkout.

What if I am not home during delivery time?
Please leave a cooler with plenty of ice or frozen gel packs.
What if I forget to leave a cooler?
The food will be left in an insulated bag with gel packs to keep your food cool. The insulated bag must be returned at the next delivery or a fee may be added.
When will I receive my food?
Once your order is placed, your dog’s food will be made fresh and delivered within 2-3 business days.
Do you have food pickup locations?
Yes! and we will be adding more all the time! Riverside Arts Market (Sat 10-3pm) 715 Riverside Ave Jacksonville, FL 32204r.