What Makes Pooch Pantry Foods Different?

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✓ Made with fresh human grade, restaurant quality proteins, vegetables and fruits

Pooch Pantry Food’s dog meals are safe for human consumption. In commercial pet foods, Proteins come in various forms – meat, poultry or fish, meat or poultry meal, and meat by-products. In the food industry, only about 50 percent of every animal can be used as food for human consumption. The remaining parts or “by-products” – heads, feet, bones, feathers, blood, intestines, organs, fat scraps, even unborn fetuses – are used in pet food and animal feed. Commercial pet foods are not fresh and can include expired meats, road kill, diseased and disabled and dead cattle and even euthanized pets.

✓ Made fresh in our Pooch Pantry Food’s dog kitchen

Pooch Pantry Foods lists all ingredients used in the preparation of meals and treats. No preservatives or hidden ingredients are added into our foods. We want pet parents to know exactly what their furry kids are eating.
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✓ No unhealthy preservatives or chemicals in our dog meals

Commercial pet food can include the following:
  • Emulsifiers to bind fat and water
  • Synthetic antioxidants to keep fat from turning rancid
  • Artificial flavors and colors to improve appearance
  • Toxic preservatives such as propylene glycol (in dog food), BHA, BHT and ethoxyquin to guarantee a 12 month shelf life
  • Pelleting agents and binders
  • Grinding, drying and curing agents
  • Petroleum derivatives and texturizers
  • Seasonings, spices and sweeteners to improve taste

✓ Finely chopped vegetables and fruits to ensure proper digestion

Dogs are carnivores and have a short digestive tract therefore their short digestive tract can restrict them from fully digesting fruits/vegetables and not fully receiving their nutrients if food is not finely chopped. For dogs to benefit from eating fruits and vegetables, they need to be finely chopped to ensure proper digestion. Pooch Pantry Foods wants your furry kids to benefit from all the ingredients in our food.

✓ Minimum cooking temperatures to preserve nutrients

Pooch Pantry Food’s dog meals and dog treats are cooked to the FDA’s minimum required temperatures to kill off bacteria in the food. Pooch Pantry Foods foods are never overcooked. We ensure our foods provide the essential nutrients needed for your furry kid.

In commercial pet food, you’ll find meat meals, including poultry meal, by-product meals, meat and bone meal. Meal signifies that these ingredients are not fresh; they are “rendered”. Rendering is the process where various ingredients are emptied into a large vat and boiled for several hours. These high temperatures can damage protein and destroy natural enzymes. Denatured proteins from high processing temperatures can lead to food allergies, intolerances and inflammatory bowel disease.

✓ Each meal is nutritionally balanced by a board certified veterinary nutritionist

A veterinary nutritionist formulated all Pooch Pantry Food’s meals specifically for dogs of all life stages to ensure their meals are nutritionally balanced. If your furry kids meals are not nutritionally complete and balanced a nutritional deficiency could develop that could lead to organ damage.

✓ Meals and Treats are tested by certified feed laboratories

All Pooch Pantry Food’s dog meals and dog treats were tested by a feed laboratory certified by the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. The meals were tested to show each meal is nutritionally complete and balanced. The treats were also tested to provide the guaranteed analysis and the amount of calories in each.

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✓ 100% all-natural, freshly made dog treats

Our dog treats are also made fresh with USDA certified meat. No growth hormones, no BHA, no BHT, no preservatives or no artificial coloring are added.