Cook-It-Yourself, Complete Nutrition Pack

Cook-It-Yourself, Complete Nutrition Pack 1Our Cook-It-Yourself, Complete Nutrition Pack which produces approximately 36 pounds of food for your dog. For a 30 pound dog, this complete nutrition pack would provide XX meals.

The Complete Nutrition Pack was made for pet parents to ensure the homemade meals they are providing for their furry kids are nutritionally complete and balanced. Unfortunately there was a survey performed which showed 89 – 93% of home prepared diets used for cats and dogs were not complete and balanced for adult maintenance. The home prepared diets were mainly deficient in protein or amino acids, vitamins and minerals. Based on this high percentage, Pooch Pantry Foods wants to ensure your furry kids are receiving a nutritionally complete and balanced meal by providing you with a recipe, vitamin/mineral blend and essential oils.

We provide the nutritionally complete and balanced Recipe, vitamin/mineral blend and essential oils.

  • Each complete nutrition pack includes Spencer’s Chicken and Rice nutritionally complete and balanced recipe, vitamin/mineral blend and essential oils (Omega 3 Premium Fish Oil, 100% Pure Premium High Linoleic Safflower Oil, Organic Unrefined Cold Pressed Coconut Oil).
  • The Complete Nutrition Pack will provide enough of the vitamins/minerals and essential oils to prepare 36 pounds of dog food. If you are not capable of preparing 36 pounds at one time, we have broken down the recipe into smaller portions to fit your needs.

All You do is provide the meat and veggies!

Don’t worry! Included in the Complete Nutrition Pack is a buyer’s guide to ensure the pet parent purchases the appropriate meat and vegetables. Food labels can be tricky so when buying meat and vegetables you have to ensure you are buying fresh or fresh frozen ingredients that do not include added ingredients such as salt, seasoning, preservatives, etc.

Keep Your Pet Healthy and Happy!

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