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Pooch Pantry Foods is transforming the way dog food IS made.
Pooch Pantry Food’s meals and treats are prepared using fresh human grade ingredients specifically formulated for dogs. Our focus is to ensure your furry kid’s meals are nutritionally balanced to help them live a healthy and happy life.
Our freshly cooked meals contain only USDA certified meats and restaurant quality fruits and vegetables and are made to order in our Northeast Florida Dog Kitchen.
Our meals are free of all chemicals or preservatives, artificial coloring or flavorings and contain absolutely no ingredients from CHINA.
Once our meals are prepared, they are packaged in a convenient microwave safe food container, vacuum sealed, frozen to retain freshness and then conveniently delivered to your door. Our fresh made frozen meals can be kept frozen for up to a year or for 3 – 6 days in the refrigerator.

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Complete and Balanced

All our meals were specifically formulated for dogs of all life stages by a board certified vet nutritionist to ensure their meals are nutritionally balanced according to AAFCO standards.

Whole Food Ingredients

A whole food diet consists of many advantages for your dog such as a shinier, softer coat, supports digestion and absorption of nutrients, helps to strengthen the immune system and supports a long and healthy life.

Produced With Care

At PoochPantry Foods, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality foods for your best furry friends. We take great pride in providing excellent customer service to our clients and their pooch.

Why Pooch Pantry Foods is the BEST!

Made with fresh, human grade, restaurant quality fruits, vegetables and proteins

Made fresh in our Pooch Pantry Food’s dog kitchen

No preservatives, fillers or chemicals in our dog meals

Finely chopped vegetables and fruits to ensure proper digestion

Minimum cooking temperatures to preserve nutrients

Absolutely NOTHING from China

All meals are nutritionally balanced by a Board Certified Veterinary Nutritionist

100% all-natural, freshly made dog treats

Pooch Pantry Foods Happy Customers

  • Great company and great food! Surprising enough my 3 year old Boxer, Otis, does not like any dog treats. I have tried many brands and types but he just doesn’t care for any of them. Until I introduced him to Pooch Pantry Foods turkey and cranberry jerky treats. Otis can’t get enough of them!! He drools and blows bubbles when I ask him if he wants a Pooch Pantry Foods treat. He LOVES them!

    Meghan T.
  • I have a picky 16 year old Peekapoo in renal failure and getting her to eat is a challenge sometimes. When we offer up the turkey with cranberry treats she goes after them with a vengeance! It never fails to entice her to eat something. They have been the best treat we have come across.

    Wayne R.
  • We gave our two 8 year-old Red Tick Coon Hounds the Chicken and Turkey all-natural treats and they absolutely loved them! The treats were big enough that they took them away and laid down to eat them…and then wanted more! They did not stink…which was a bonus since some treats can knock you over when you open the bag. Our dogs both have sensitive stomachs – every treat we had ever given them had made them pass gas – but NOT these… what a pleasant change! Also, one of our dogs has very bad allergies and these treats didn’t make her start scratching like a fiend, either. We will definitely be buying more!